Entrepreneurship in Ukraine

LENEGOCIANTPLUS, supports new entrepreneurs in Ukraine.Depending on the nature of your project, we provide you with all the information for the realization of the project in Ukraine.


The good reasons to create a society in Ukraine ...

1.      The Ukrainian population has a good education, speak foreign languages.

2.      A good education system of Ukraine is the fourth in the world in terms of graduate specialists in the high-tech sector

3.      Ukraine's border with the European Union and Russia with well-developed transport infrastructure: the country has 18 seaports.

4.      Ukraine is one of Europe's largest market with 48 million consumers. Domestic demand is steadily increasing offers real opportunities for investors who identify first the market.

5.      The low cost of labor is beneficial for investors.

6.      Profitability may be higher compared to EU countries.

7.      The country has centered around agriculture economy, forest resources and mineral resources (iron, steel, uranium ...)


The registration of a company in Ukraine

Despite the administrative complexities faced by foreigners in Ukraine, the country has seen a steady influx of international investment and business startup. The Ukrainian authorities regularly try to encourage foreign investment and eliminated allowed to invest. However, all companies must be formed in accordance with the procedures required by Ukrainian law and recorded by government agencies THEREFOR.

the main types of company in Ukraine

To declare a legal entity in Ukraine, it must go through a local agent of the State Tax Administration, the Bureau of Statistics various pension funds and social funds, but also open a bank account and other formalities.

There are three types of companies open to foreign investors:

-Limited Liability Company. TOB

-AT-stock company

-Representative Office

The main characteristics of "Company" (TOB) and a "SA" (AT)

  • The minimum share capital of a "TOB" is 870 UAH (80 Eur.) At least 50% must be paid.
  • The minimum share capital of a "PLC" is 500 000 UAH (53 000 Eur.) At least 50% must be paid.

Limited liability company

The limited liability company (LLC) Ukrainian have no share in the conventional sense of the term. The partners of an LLC have a percentage of the capital of the Company as specified in its charter. The shareholders of a limited liability company may transfer their shares in the company to third parties (non-participants) only with the consent of other shareholders. LLCs do not normally need financial audit except upon request of a holder of at least 10% of shareholder capital.


A corporation (SA) is a corporation whose capital is divided into a number of shares of the same nominal value. The liability of shareholders in SA is limited to their investment in the capital.

A SA SA can be declared open or closed form. The shares in an open public SA may be freely transferred, and can even be traded. In a closed SA shares are distributed from the outset between its founders. The original shareholders were also in a closed SA, a preemptive right to purchase shares may be offered for sale by other shareholders.

The minimum capital requirement, in the case of SA is equivalent to 1250 times the minimum wage Ukraine at the time of the establishment of the SA.

The main characteristics of a representative office or branch

A representative office is not a separate legal entity and operates in Ukraine on behalf of the foreign parent company it represents.

As a limited liability company in Ukraine, a representative office must be registered with the Department of the Ukrainian economy, with the Department of Statistics, tax administration, and pension funds and social funds, a representative office must also obtain a permit use a seal with the police department.

  Once the representative office registered with the tax authorities and obtained permission to use a seal, it may open an account in hryvnia and foreign currency in a Ukrainian bank. A representative office is subject to the same taxes as any business.


Non-commercial representative office is generally not subject to VAT.