Defence Industry


Ukraine is firmly positioned among the world’s leading defence exporters for over ten years. Today the products and services of the domestic defence-and-industrial complex contribute to providing safety to more than 70 countries of the world.

Military-technical cooperation with foreign countries is deemed as one of the key areas of foreign economic activity of Ukraine. The State Company UKRSPECEXPORT established in 1996 is a key player in the said cooperation acting as the sole Ukrainian state intermediary agent for export and import of military and special purpose products and services.

Today the Company comprises many subsidiary enterprises. 


Being a government intermediary agent, UKRSPECEXPORT is involved into:

·         Export and import of defence and special purpose products and services, including weapons, ammunition, explosives, military and specialized materiel, spare parts and components, other related items of equipment used for development and manufacture of the aforementioned;

·         Repair services, maintenance, overhaul and modernization of armament and materiel for foreign customers;

·         Export of up-to-date technologies, design documentation and other R&D items of military, special and dual use;

·         Marketing, consulting and mediating services in international commercial transactions;

·         Education & training of foreign military specialists in their home countries and at higher military educational establishments of Ukraine;

·         Development and design of military assets, installations of the military infrastructure of a customer.


The State Company UKRSPECEXPORT, as well as the subsidiary enterprises thereof, has been actively cooperating with more than 70 countries worldwide, takes an active part in the most prestigious international exhibitions of defence and special purpose products and services, as well as in aerospace shows.


It is typical of the products marked as ‘Made in Ukraine’ to feature:

·         Cost-effectiveness, optimal price-to-quality ratio;

·         Simplicity of operation, ease of handling, high performance & maintenance reliability;

·         Wide opportunities for further modernization.



In the foreign markets the Company has always been operating in line with Ukraine's commitments regarding the international agreements and restrictions in the defence sales, arms limitations and non-proliferation in the defence technology transfers.