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Rector of the University A.N. Turenko

 Dear friends!

I invite you to become acquainted with one of the leading educational institutions in Ukraine - Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University (KhNAHU).

Today we train engineers for the automotive and road construction industries at 10 faculties: Automobile, Vehicle Mechatronics, Mechanical, Road Construction, Business and Management, Transportation Systems, Correspondence, Professional Updating and Re-training, Foreign Citizens Training, and Pre-University Training, that includes a two-year regional lyceum-boarding school, Preparatory Departments and Preparatory courses.

Established in 1930 as Kharkov Automobile and Road Institute, our educational institution had always played a significant role in the development of higher education in Ukraine. In 1993 the Institute was awarded the University status by the decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Now KhNAHU is a modern educational institution that has a highly-skilled research and teaching staff, is closely linked to industries and cooperates with numerous foreign partners. 

Scientific achievements of the University are known in Ukraine and in many countries of the world thanks to its successful scientific schools headed by prominent scientists.

Great student accommodation and conditions for learning are provided by the personnel of the Campus, Center for Information Technologies, University Libraries, museums, Exhibition Complex, Publishing House, Sector for Administrative activities etc.

The greatest pride of the University is its students. It is for them that we offer the wealth of world knowledge as well as values of science and culture.

Inviting you to visit our website, I hope you will find useful and comprehensive information about the University.

Automobile Faculty


Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle and Servicing

Internal Combustion Engines

Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Motor Vehicle Repairs

Machine Components and Theory of Machines and Mechanisms 

Theoretical Mechanics and Hydraulics

Vehicle Electronics



Road-Construction Faculty


Investigation and road designing


Road survey and design

Technology of road- construction materials and ChemistryThe department of technology of road-construction materials

Bridges, Constructions, Construction mechanisms

Informatics and Applied Mathematics


Mechanical Faculty


Construction and Road Machines

Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Metrology and Safety of Human Vital Activities

Metal Engineering and Materials Science

Engineering Graphics

Foreign Languages

Information Technology and Mechatronics


Faculty of Business and Management



Economic Theory and Law

Economy of Enterprise

Acounting and Audit

International economy

Physical education and sport


Faculty of Transportation Systems


Transportation Systems

Організації та безпеки дорожнього руху

Transportation Technologies

Philosophy and Pedagogy professinal training

Ukrainian Studies

Higher Mathematics


Faculty for Foreign Citizens




Pedagogy, Psychology and Language Teaching

Natural Sciences and Humanities


Correspondence Department


Center of Improving Qualification and Individual After-Diploms Education




Department "Theoretical mechanics and hydraulics"



Department of physics

PHYSICS - one of the major areas of science - the science of the properties and structure of matter, the forms of movement and change, the general laws of natural phenomena.

Russian dictionary SI Ozhegova


 Department of Physics  occupies a substantial place in teaching fundamental disciplines in Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University.

We provide modern educational courses of physics for all engineering specialities:

  •      Motor transport

  •      Teachers' training

  •      Ecology, environmental protection and balanced use of natural resources

  •      System engineering

  •      Automation and integrated computer technologies

  •      Mechanical engineering

  •      Metrology and information and measurements technology

  •      Electromechanics

  •      Transport Technologies

  Our physics teaching incorporates both classical traditions and novel training technologies. Our lecturers have a considerable teaching experience. The academic staff is  pursuing both training of high grade specialists and forefront research activities. 


The Department of Transportation Systems and Logistics



According to the information by employment agencies, specialists in the field of logistics and transportation systems development are in the great demand in Ukraine. Initial positions of graduates: junior and senior technical staff of project research departments of institutes and transport organizations, traffic control services of Ministries, departments, enterprises and transport organizations, custom brokers, engineers and managers of custom and transport services. Our faculty will help a graduating student to become not only a high-quality specialist but also specialist of higher qualification for work in the sphere of science and education. This training comes true through a Master’s degree and postgraduate programs of KhNADU.

 Computer Graphics Department

Modern Techniques of Geometric Modeling
and Development of Design Documentation


The main task of the department - providing training for the profession №132 "Materials"

The advantages of study:

  • Getting the profession international standard;
  • Getting a 2nd diploma Ludzynskoyi Politehnyky European standards;
  • Obtaining working profession "electric welder electric arc welding II-th level";
  • Admission to graduate school.







The faculty provides Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s programs.

1. Field: Construction
• Motorways and Airfields 
• Bridges and Vehicular Traffic Tunnels.

2. Field: Ecology
• Ecology and Environmental Protection 
• Ecology in Construction
• Road Transport Ecology
• Environmental Protection Management
• Ecologic Inspection at Border Checkpoints


1. Substantiating the efficiency criteria of system designing
2. Up-to-date technologies and materials for constructing and operating motor roads
3. Bridges investigating and testing 
4. Physical mechanics of road-construction materials


Investigation and road designing
Department Head - Prof. V.I. Ryapukhin 

Department Head - Prof. E.B. Khobotova

Road survey and design 
Department Head - Prof. V. K. Zhdanyuk

Department Head - Assoc. Prof. N. V. Vnukova

Bridges, Constructions and Construction mechanics
Department Head - Prof. A.G. Kislov

Technology of Road-Construction Materials
Department Head - Prof. V.A. Zolotaryev