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Medical University "Reaviz"

( "rehabilitation, Doctors and Health")

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History of University

Medical University "REAVIZ" ( "rehabilitation, Doctors and Health") - was organized in 1993 on the initiative of the Samara State Medical University, eminent scientists - Samara Oblast doctors - academician AF Krasnov, academician, laureate of the State Prize of Russia, twice winner of the Russian Government Prize GP Nyquist and Professor IP Balmasova. "REAVIZ" one of the first private medical schools in the country, has a license to conduct educational activities and state accreditation, which allows on a contractual basis to issue diplomas and certificates of the state sample.


During its development, the university has come a long, largely innovative way. The main feature of the Institute are: the development of correspondence courses and the adaptation of curricula and programs to the level of educational attainment and individual needs of certain categories of students. These ideas were developed in the form of individual training. Students taking this training, are not engaged in the fixed student groups. They work on an individual curriculum, during the passage of the individual disciplines are combined into "floating" groups of varying composition, consisting of 2 - 3 persons. This form of training is used for post-graduate training in "Master Class", surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, immunologists and other specialists of high qualification.

Another feature concerns the development of programs for the social rehabilitation of the various categories of the population and social organizations.

Institute today - a modern multi-level system of continuous training of civilian specialists with higher medical, pharmaceutical and humanitarian education from secondary schools to graduate. Currently, the Medical University "REAVIZ" - a genuine set of medical education, providing students with the best opportunities for quality training. Our university - a tradition, coupled with the search, innovation and initiative.

The University consists of 5 faculties and 14 departments. Today the University has a high social and international recognition.

The main mission of the Medical University "REAVIZ" - to improve people's health through the training of students and physicians the latest advances in medical science and practice. Major challenges along the way are the logistics of the training process, innovative educational technologies, development of scientific research, the search for effective forms of co-operation with practical public health, maximum utilization of the capacity of the Institute for the Advancement of the main indicators of population health.

The university created a consistent, gradual, clearly demarcated system of training of medical staff: pre-university training, basic education diploma, postgraduate and further training.

Rector of the Medical University "REAVIZ" - a member of the Council of Rectors of the Samara region, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Nikolay Aleksandrovich Lysov.

Retaining and developing the best historical traditions of Russian education system, working university staff - 162 teachers working at 14 departments, more than 72% of them - doctors and candidates of sciences. To ensure a high level of preparation of graduates of faculties and departments conducted a huge methodological work: publish monographs, training manuals, developing educational and methodological complexes, methodical development for lectures and practical exercises. Medical University successfully participates together with the ministry and practical health authorities of the Samara region in the implementation of major national Russian projects dedicated to improving the quality of health and education of the population of Russia.

Honorary Professor of Medical University "REAVIZ": Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, MD, professor Pimenov YS .; Professor of the Department of Surgical Diseases with the course of traumatology and orthopedics, MD, professor Varguzina VI .; Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, MD, Professor V. Goryachev

The emblem of the Institute is inscribed the word "REAVIZ", which means "Rehabilitation, Physicians and Health", today it is a determining factor in the work of any doctor. Sail with a medical emblem depicted on the left side of the figure symbolizes the pursuit of science, knowledge, emphasizes the close relationship of practical medicine and a deep understanding of the theory, fluency in scientific data. Blue color elements emblem reflects the fact that the Medical University "REAVIZ" stands on the great Russian river Volga. 


Policy and mission of the institute


Improving people's health through the training of students and physicians the latest advances in medical science and practice.



The main objective of the Medical University "Quality REAVIZ - preparation of highly competitive specialists in the labor market in accordance with current and future requirements of the individual, the state, society and the institution needs.

Taking the quality policy, the university administration takes on the following obligations:

1.     Provide for an extended period of high competitiveness of the university in the domestic and foreign markets of educational services and scientific products in the traditional Mi 'REAVIZ "areas of education, research activities due to the high quality of training. 

2.     Improved training of medical and scientific personnel of higher qualification.

3.     Creating the necessary conditions for the implementation and effective use of new educational technologies and the results of scientific activity; development of culture and the formation of an attractive image of the university in society.

4.     The development of fundamental and applied science.

Taking the quality policy, the university management declares the following basic principles of the activity:

1.     Due to the fact that the quality of education system is strictly formalized, it will be documented and tracked almost in all major processes of the organization and implementation of training.

2.     The leading role in ensuring the quality of education owned by the rector, vice-rectors, deans of faculties.

3. The     quality of education is monitored and ensured improved in each educational program for each department.The quality of education is assessed on a whole university.

4.     Improving the quality of teaching is based on the continuous quality improvement training and methodological and logistical educational process, as well as the introduction of modern training techniques.

5.     Improvement of the pre-university preparation procedures, input selection and development of positive motivation of students to learn will improve the quality of the contingent of applicants and enrolled students.

6.     Continuous improvement of university management based on modern methods of management systems, as well as providing continuous professional training in the field of quality management for all employees of the University.

7.     Improvement of the material and financial support, as well as social protection of students and university staff.


University administration undertakes to provide finishing, understanding and effective implementation of all the staff of the University of the Policy in the field of quality at all levels of government. In addition, each university employee is personally responsible within their competence for the quality of their work.


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